Announcing managed Powergate instances — get enterprise access to hosted Filecoin and IPFS resources.

filecoin Jun 24, 2020

Today we are thrilled to announce the next major milestone in Filecoin support at Textile: managed Powergate instances. Managed Powergate accounts are the third part in a trifecta of Filecoin services from Textile, including our roll-your-own Powergate deployments, Textile Bucket support for Filecoin storage, and now, hosted Powergate infrastructure.

What's Powergate? In case you are new to our blog or the Powergate project, Powergate is a multi-tiered storage system built on Filecoin (via Lotus) and IPFS. The system provides many useful tools to store and manage data on Filecoin while making it accessible over APIs and IPFS. It comes with a command-line interface, a gRPC API, a Golang client, and a JavaScript client.

What does hosted Powergate include? A hosted Powergate includes a Lotus node, IPFS node, and Powergate node. The Lotus node will be connected to the latest Testnet. Owners will have full admin access to  Powergate APIs to build their applications.

What does this cost? We are dedicated to making Filecoin adoption easy for everyone. That's why the cost of this service will not be money. Instead, we'll be accepting projects based on their ambition, ability to progress and demonstrate need, and ability to help inspire the community to build more great things. We'll be accepting applications from all projects but enrolling only a few. For those accepted, hosting will be free throughout Filecoin Testnet.

Who should apply? This project is open to everyone but is meant to support teams that have a demonstrable need for infrastructure that can meet high demand. If your project is just getting started, we here to help you run the Powergate on your own. We'll prioritize teams that meet one or a few of these cases.

  • Teams that have received Filecoin Grant support.
  • Teams that have already launched products aiming to integrate Filecoin storage into those products.
  • Teams that have already independently run Powergate instances.
  • Teams that have been accepted to the HackFS.

What if I'm not accepted? Running a Powergate is still insanely easy, and we're here to help you if you hit any issues. Textile Buckets are also getting Filecoin support in the near future, so if they fit your needs, consider using Buckets and the Textile Hub right away.

What can you build with Powergate? Anything. If you want to be inspired, look no further than the beautiful Filecoin Client.

Enroll. If you are interested, you can submit your information below and we'll be in touch!

Get access to hosted Powergate here.

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