Announcing the Filecoin Data Transfer Service private beta

filecoin Dec 18, 2020

Today, we introduce the Filecoin Data Transfer Service to create and manage Filecoin data migration pipelines. FTS currently supports local directories of data and aims to support collections from diverse sources, including S3 Buckets, remote URLs, and pinning services. We are releasing the FTS as a private preview that you can sign-up for, starting today!

The FTS works to help you schedule and manage large Filecoin deal pipelines. It leverages our previous work on Powergate and Textile Buckets to provide you with a reliable and efficient way for getting your data securely stored by Filecoin miners. The FTS includes support for filtering miners by location, cost, and reputation. When we release the tool to the public, we also aim to support smart scheduling of deals, awaiting network conditions that meet your minimum cost requirements.

The FTS command-line comes with two modes: interactive and long-running service. The interactive mode will process variable-length lists of tasks, each task defining a deal for the Filecoin network. Service mode will run as a local service to regularly submit new tasks to be processed in the queue.

Each task processed by the FTS will return all the deal information needed to retrieve and use your data from any filecoin client on the network.

  "name": "high-res-pdfs",
  "path": "/archives/tasks/n-q/high-res-pdfs",
  "bytes": 9073000000,
  "cid": "QmPWjS6YizvHTiP5oVAycvSPJBAhvSHnKsDHdr6ex54VzP",
  "jobID": "441c9c6e-f5c9-4933-913f-5a739ccb0b38",
  "stage": "Complete",
  "deals": [
    "id": "441c9c6e-f5c9-4933-913f-5a739ccb0b38",
    "api_id": "f92ce374-dd51-42d9-9eb2-10a0ef24db66",
    "cid": "QmPWjS6YizvHTiP5oVAycvSPJBAhvSHnKsDHdr6ex54VzP",
    "status": 5,
    "deal_info": [
      "proposal_cid": "bafyreihgf3ezv3ameqthzurd2sfbt5to36iroazztlsbosiqjyphkjbjj4",
      "state_id": 7,
      "state_name": "StorageDealActive",
      "miner": "f01000",
      "piece_cid": "baga6ea4seaqch4hlqplqpcnjfl2rbzo7hgrbvahpwugkgzyfq24sgbkhntnggay",
      "size": 9073016256,
      "price_per_epoch": 76269,
      "start_epoch": 6096,
      "duration": 521601,
      "deal_id": 4,
      "activation_epoch": 579
    "created_at": 1608080158

During the beta, Textile will provide users access to the FTS installable binary and source code – everything you need to start storing data on Filecoin. Our goal is to better understand your use-case for the FTS and implement the critical features we uncover together before we launch early next year. We'll be accepting our first collaborators at the start of 2021!  Join the waitlist here.

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