Decentralized Docker Hub: Winner of best Team/Org tool at Apollo

winners-circle Nov 10, 2020

Next up in our Winners Circle series on Textile bounty and hackathon winners, we have Decentralized Docker Hub. Using Decentralized Docker Hub, you can easily push and pull docker images from IPFS and Filecoin using the command line. It is powered by Textile's Powergate, and supports ENS domain names out of the box. The project started back during ETHGlobal/Filecoin's HackFS event, and has steadily been making amazing progress since then. For anytone interested in distsributing docker images efficiently and over decentralized protocols, check out the project and get involved!

As with all our winners, we asked @ivirajanchan to answer a few questions about themselves and their project –  here's what they had to say:

Where are you from?

I am from Mumbai, India

How did you get interested in Filecoin?

I got interested in Filecoin because of IPFS. So when HackFS was announced, it was the best opportunity for me to build something using IPFS and Filecoin. Hence the journey started from HackFS and continued with Apollo and Slingshot. I also participated in the Filecoin Liftoff Week.

What got you interested in Textile?

I got interested in Textile after I saw the "Getting started with Filecoin" video from Andrew. He explained the concepts so well that I knew I had to build Decentralized Docker Hub using Textile. Textile provides a complete suite of products which makes it easy to build for IPFS and Filecoin.

What pain point are you trying to solve with your hack?

I believe that we need alternatives to centralized docker registries so that developers and enterprises can easily push and pull docker images using decentralized technologies. It will give them more control and power while reducing costs at the same time. It will also solve the rate limit issues. Open source projects and enterprises are also looking for new ways to monetize their docker images.

What is your solution?

Decentralized Docker Hub provides multiple products to push and pull docker images. The first product allows you to push and pull the entire docker image from IPFS and Filecoin using command line powered by Powergate. It provides a cost effective solution since it utilizes multi-tiered storage powered by IPFS and Filecoin where IPFS is a hot storage layer and filecoin is a cold storage layer. It also has support for ENS domain names. This product works well for backup and long time archival of docker images.

The other product that I have built is Decentralized Docker Hub Registry. Decentralized Docker Hub Registry allows you to push and pull docker images from IPFS. It provides a native docker integration via a custom docker registry server (v2). It is powered by Textile Hub and Textile Buckets. It also has support for Fleek Space Daemon. Decentralized Docker Hub Registry has support for encryption and team sharing via Textile Hub. Custom cron scripts can be written to periodically backup the buckets containing the Docker images to Filecoin. This solution works well for CI/CD pipelines to deploy thousands of containers per day. The best part of this solution is that it abstracts the whole web3 part of the solution from the end user.

I also plan to add additional features like Decentralized marketplace powered by Decentralized Finance.

Why do you think organizations might be interested in your project?

Open source projects will want to use it so that communities can manage their own docker registries. This will ensure that they have complete control over it while reducing costs at the same time. Also they won't be limited by the rate limits enforced by other centralized registries. Enterprises will want to use it to save costs and have more control over their private docker registries by utilizing encryption and team sharing features. Also additional features like Decentralized marketplace powered by Decentralized Finance will unlock new capabilities which are not possible using centralized technologies.

What are you planning to work on next? Any side-projects or technologies or things you are learning you are particularly excited about?

I plan to continue working on Decentralized Docker Hub and improve it further based on the feedback. I also plan to build additional complimentary developer tools / products powered by web3 technologies. In general I am excited by technologies / protocols / algorithms which empowers the users to manage, control and monetize their own data.

Where can people follow your work?

You can follow Viraj on Twitter and Github.

Support Decentralized Docker Hub

Support the Dencetralized Docker Hub project by following Viraj on Twiter, deploying your Docker images to the Hub and/or use the registry, and checking out the GitHub repos.

Can't wait to see what's next for Decentralized Docker Hub!

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