Building a Secure, Verifiable Future for DePIN data: Introducing Our Partnership with DIMO and WeatherXM

Welcome to an exciting moment in Tableland's journey. The majority of DePINs (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) are searching for better solutions for organizing, verifying, and using data across their networks. Today, we're excited to announce a partnership with DIMO and WeatherXM to tackle this problem head-on. Both projects have collaborated with us to develop and now rigorously test a Tableland solution for verifiable, real-time databases in the Web3 ecosystem. Let's dive in.

A DePIN Collaboration

DIMO and WeatherXM are quite different, but share common challenges in decentralized data. DIMO is a mobility data network, powered by drivers that are rewarded for contributing to the network. WeatherXM is a community-owned weather network powered by individuals installing weather stations. Both face the challenge of how to connect globally distributed data to the network, how to move data from nodes on the edge into apps or pipelines that consume it, how to verify data anyplace it is used, and how to track that movement to reward network participants accurately.

This is where Tableland comes in. Our novel Tableland features for DePINs aim to simplify the data production, aggregation, and consumption process on open networks. Our DePIN-specific features will allow many contributors on the network to participate in the creation of common, verifiable, and customizable views of data on the network. Consumers can query data from any number of network participants, spanning the entire history of the network. We believe this solution can ultimately benefit DePINs across various sectors.

Enabling Novel Use-Cases

For WeatherXM we offer a way to seamlessly store data generated by thousands of weather stations into an open, decentralized verifiable database. The database can be queried directly or integrated into the processes that manage the protocol's reward functions which includes quality of data evaluations and other computation heavy tasks. Using the same tools, businesses, scientists and weather enthusiasts worldwide can query or replicate the data.

With DIMO, we're helping to simplify the tricky problem of managing a registry of device identities, and more specifically, how to maintain and update a universal list of valid vehicles so apps on the network can quickly turn 17-digit VIN numbers like 1FTCR15X0TTA01050  into a more complete picture (see below). This allows DIMO users to know exactly what they can expect when connecting their vehicle to the network, and enables the seamless addition of new entries as new models are created.

Example of DIMO's vehicle information page

Tableland is helping to build data infrastructure that can turn painful paper-based experiences like a visit to the DMV or transactions with used car dealerships into simple digital transactions powered by smart contracts. DIMO contributors in any region will be able to contribute to this knowledge base and add vehicle and telematics devices without a central authority.

Simplified, Verifiable Data Tools

Beyond just storing data, data authenticity matters. Tableland is focused on powering a cryptographic verification layer that ensures data integrity. In the future, we will share some of our novel approaches to handling verifiability in these network-derived databases. Most importantly though, those approaches still power familiar and easy-to-use SQL interfaces and can connect directly into popular databases (e.g., PostgreSQL) to read and write data.

We understand the value of historical data. Furthermore, we've learned from our partners the value of providing guarantees for historical data availability, providing point-in-time data recovery, and more. We're building an early integration with Filecoin, where data moving across Tableland will be securely stored for long-term retrieval.


Our focus is on interoperability and utility for a wide array of DePINs and networks. Our work with DIMO and WeatherXM is pivotal in shaping a novel solution for all DePINs. Imagine automated data aggregation, validation, and notifications — all built with decentralized computing in mind. We're enthusiastic about the vast potential this collaboration unlocks. Together with DIMO and WeatherXM, we're setting the groundwork for a more secure, efficient, and transparent decentralized infrastructure.

Curious to learn more? Chat with one of our team members here.

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