EthDen 2021 is here! Over $5000 in bounties for building with us.

community Feb 04, 2021

Whether you join EthDen to hack, present or shill, find our team roaming the virtual conference space. We'll be there to support teams, share some new things, and give away bounties for excellent projects build on IPFS and Filecoin. We have joint bounties (2x the prize!) with Ceramic, Near, and NuCypher (more below). We can't wait to see what people build with those technologies.

How to find Textile at EthDen

  1. Find our booth in the castle. ShillZone B. We'll be hanging there to meet all you hackers.
  2. Come chat with us in the #EthDen channel of our team Slack.
  3. Be sure to catch Carson Farmer's talk on Friday at 11 PST on Mainnet Livestream (twitch).
  4. You can always reach out to us on Twitter too.

2021 Bounties

This year we want to help promote oodles of innovation on the IPFS and Filecoin networks. Here is our official bounty page where you can read details and get resources for each one. As a summary, here's what we've got for you.

  1. The best project building on Filecoin with Buckets or Powergate: $1500
  2. The best projects building on Buckets: 4 x $500

Joint bounties! Many thanks to these other teams for joining up with us to reward projects that cross protocols.

  1. The best combination of Ceramic x Textile: $500 from us, $500 from Ceramic
  2. The best combination of Near x Textile: $500 from us, $500 from Near
  3. The best combination of NuCypher x Textile: $500 from us, $500 from NuCypher

Long-term Support

This year, we are offering long-term support in the form of hosting credits for the Textile Hub for any team that submits a project for judging that use one of Textile's libraries. Join our #EthDen channel on Slack to share your project and unlock additional free hosting on IPFS.

What to build Ceramic

Textile offers two interesting solutions that pair well with the Ceramic stack. Buckets offer object storage and persistence for your app users, organizations, or self. Threads can offer multi-user permissions to edit data and documents.

  1. Pair Ceramic and IDX with buckets to support data sharing, permissions, or collaboration or orchestrate persistence on the remote Hub APIs.
  2. Pair Ceramic and IDX with ThreadDB to support collaborative databases and documents.
  3. Combine either of the above with Textile's Filecoin APIs to add Filecoin deal records to the Ceramic network.

What to build with Near

We're very excited about what can be done with Near and Textile and think this year's bounty could help kickstart a few important projects. Textile offers a few simple APIs for developers to integrate IPFS and Filecoin into their Near projects. Here are some ideas.

  1. Build developer tools so others building on Near can more easily tap into IPFS or Filecoin. Textile buckets are a helpful API to do this.
  2. Extend ThreadDB capabilities into the Near ecosystem. Previous projects have tested this idea and the potential is certainly exciting.

What to build with NuCypher

Permissions and encrypted data have always been tricking in decentralized networks, until NuCypher. They are making amazing progress to bring proxy re-encryption to every app and developer. There are many exciting things waiting to be built.

  1. The basic workflow is obvious, use buckets to distribute encrypted data (over IPFS or Filecoin) payloads. Then use NuCypher to grant access to other users to open and view those contents.
  2. Build a team or organizational tool with data access granted by an admin role via NuCypher, where access can be revoked as members leave the team.
  3. Build content subscription systems where subscribers can pay to maintain their access to content. Perhaps mix in Threads to distribute new messages about content whenever it is published.

Bonus Bonus

We always love a good shout-out, and we saw our friends at Harmony mention that some of their bounties could be supported by Textile tooling. Exciting! Throw Harmony in the mix with any of the above!

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