Filecoin tools progress update: 09 March

filecoin Mar 10, 2020


Today, we're excited to announce a new name for our development library, the Powergate 💥. Previously known by the codename fil-tools, the library has matured to the point that we felt it needed a more fitting name. As part of the renaming, the Fast API has become simply the API. We’ve changed all binaries and docstrings in the project to reflect the changes. We are excited to take the next steps to deliver the Powergate to many new projects. Below, we'll share our progress and components we'll deliver this sprint.

Next Steps 🍿

  • Wrap-up first implementation of all components.
  • Create an API spec to identify new requirements for known use-cases.
  • Testing and configuration improvements to simplify deployment.
  • Complete the deployment of the Powergate into a working demo environment.

Sprint Debrief

Focus Areas 📐

  • Library renaming!
  • Continue development of the core API (previously the Fast API), specifically the implementation of a Scheduler, responsible for ensuring a CID remains stored on networks based on parameters of its storage configuration.
  • API refactoring based on discoveries from implementing the Scheduler.
  • Implement several basic utility APIs for system admins working with the Powergate.
  • Testing the Powergate against a real miner on the testnet.

Discussion & Planning Changes 🤔

  • The combination of delays testing the Powergate against real miners + the overhead of Scheduler implementation got us a little bit behind in development of a real-world integration to show the system in action. That will be one of the primary focus areas this sprint.
  • We have a number of small components in our original implementation plan that we will be wrapping up now and if necessary, in the next sprint.
  • We’ll need to update our systems overview to reflect the new naming.

Closed 💎

New Tickets & Questions 👀


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