Funding the community at GR9 Hackathon: Over $60k to hack on IPFS and Filecoin technologies

filecoin Mar 10, 2021

This is huge. If you are working on a project in the Filecoin ecosystem, the GR9 Hackathon is an opportunity for you to explore new features and potentially get funded for your work. We are partnering with Protocol Labs to give away $25,000 in grants for building on Textile's APIs and open-source tools, and another $35,000 is up for grabs for projects using IPFS, Filecoin, and Fleek. All prizes will be paid in FIL! Let's take a look at the Textile bounties.

Building the Miner Index

You may have caught our recent release of the Miner Index, our free API to discover and use miners that store data on Filecoin. The API is available over our command-line tool and an Open API (Swagger). We think it's a valuable resource for anyone hoping to store data on the Filecoin network and believe there are many new tools, visualizations, and integrations that can make use of it.  

Miner Index Visual Explorer ($2500 + Protocol Labs matching)

We are looking for the best web-based interface for exploring and using the Miner Index (can be a new integration with an existing project). We want to support all kinds of dashboards, D3 visualizations, and query interface experiments. The API is full of rich data and ready to hack. A winning project will be live online and have a complete user-experience for users to understand and make use of the final product. Get started.

Best Ethereum-based Oracle built on the Miner Index ($2000 + Protocol Labs matching)

We hope to see the index data making it into other blockchains in the form of oracles. If your project can leverage an oracle with real-time storage pricing data and information to drive miner selection, build the Index's first oracle. A winning project must include an example use of the oracle. Get started.

Filecoin Storage Use-cases

Filecoin has only been around a few months, and already a vibrant network of applications, tools, and users has sprung up to use the network in many new and unexpected ways. We want to support that continued exploration. We are incredibly excited by three areas of development and want to see projects that work to store these datasets using online deal storage through Powergate, Lotus, or Textile's Bucket Archiving API.

Best Video App on Filecoin ($1500 + Protocol Labs matching)

We're looking for the best innovation or novelty in a video app or platform that uses Filecoin as a primary storage mechanism. The use and storage of videos online are areas with many opportunities to build new solutions for various communities. The benefit of using Filecoin to store those videos is clear. We want to support the continued exploration of these use-cases by funding new projects, platforms, libraries, and standards. Get started.

Best Collaboration Tool on Filecoin ($1500 + Protocol Labs matching)

The best innovation or novelty in a collaboration or organizational tool using Filecoin as a primary storage mechanism. We are excited to see the flourishing of social and collaboration technologies built with Textile. To support this, we want to fund projects that use Filecoin in creative ways to store organization, community, or social data. This could be as simple as embedded Filecoin "drives" into team chat apps or as complicated as wrapping Filecoin storage deals into smart contracts funded by the community. Get started.

ThreadDB and Buckets

Textile builds a decentralized data synchronization protocol and technology called Threads (Go, JavaScript, Docs). Threads allow you to connect multiple databases (or users) and keep data in-sync across Libp2p. Buckets are one of the first applications built on Threads. Buckets provide an easy way to sync folders of data over Libp2p and accessible over IPFS. We provide remote services to host, relay, and persist Threads and Buckets for users.

Best App using Threads ($1500 + Protocol Labs matching)

The best application or novel service built on Threads. The community building with threads has snowballed over the past months. We want to support the continued growth by funding projects built on threads or buckets (themselves built on threads) to deliver new consumer applications. Example apps could include new community chat interfaces, database sync tools, and more. Examples services could include: Thread Exit Nodes where all updates to a thread are converted to RSS feeds, HTML webpages, JSON endpoints, webhooks, or other formats; Thread Mirrors where registered threads will be persisted on secondary IPFS nodes or in Filecoin deals; Thread Indexes where threads can be registered and discovered by broader communities to join or follow. You can read more about the architecture here and the thread identity and registration here. Help us build the interoperable data future! Join our slack to learn more about the network and how services can be built. Get started.

Threads Benchmarks and Metrics ($1500 + Protocol Labs matching)

Best PR or repo that surfaces new benchmarks or metrics for threads or the threads network. A lot of developers ask for better benchmarks, metrics, and performance tooling for using threads. We are looking to support projects that publish Testground setups for threads or add OpenTelemetry to the thread daemon. If this is in your sweet spot, give it a go! A winning project must provide full usage instructions and be possible to regularly use for updated metrics. Get started.

Best Use of Bucket Pinning API ($1500 + Protocol Labs matching)

The best novel use of the Bucket Pinning API (Buckets plus the Pinning API Spec). We have just released a novel pinning API built on buckets. This allows groups to sync pin sets, collaborate on shared pin sets, and mirror pin sets across multiple services or servers with ease. Because the full Bucket API backs each pinning API endpoint, you can do a lot more than pin here. That includes the ability to use the bucket archive API endpoint to snapshot buckets to Filecoin easily. Show us what you've got. Learn more about the experimental bucket pinning API here. You wont be able to play with this experimental API until later this week, so get in touch if you want to tackle it.  Get started.

GR9 Hackathon

Be sure to check out the full list of bounties on GR9 Hackathon and all of those from the Protocol Labs collaborations.

Be sure to signup for the GR9 Hackathon today! It's free, and there is no obligation, but don't miss any of the workshops, announcements, and team formation events. This is going to be awesome!

Huge thanks to the Protocol Labs ecosystem team for including us in this initiative.

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