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business Sep 10, 2018

Textile has had a busy weekend… here’s what we’ve been up to

We had a few really nice updates over the weekend and wanted to do a quick share of those and let you on what’s next in the pipeline.

DWeb in focus

On Saturday, The Guardian published a really nice piece, Decentralisation: the next big step for the world wide web. The article was shared widely on social media, and even enjoyed about 48 hours in the top 60 posts on Hackernews. Check out some of the comments for a lively disussion. We were really excited to see Textile listed as one of the solutions people could already use today. This is exactly how we see ourselves, a useful and usable application of decentralized technologies, great to see that catching on:

…some of the more developed products include[…] Textile Photos (an Instagram-like alternative for storing, managing, and sharing photos on the DWeb)…

Easier to sign up

We also released a new version to both app stores (Play Store, and App Store) containing a couple of important changes. First, app referrals now work right from inside the app so you can invite your friends without making them join the waitlist (but one of you still need to get an invite to start with, so don’t forget to sign up). Second, we’ve just added the ability to leave coments on your (and others’) shared photos! We’re really excited about this feature, because it greatly improves the user experience, but is still totally decentralized, encrypted, and secure! Check out the gif below for a preview.

Other stuff

We probably forgot to mention that Textile Photos is listed on this awesome list of IPFS-based apps, articles, tools, and videos. Check out some of the other cool projects as well! It’s really great to see how excited and responsive the community around IPFS and the DWeb in general is… so much work happening so quickly. The future web certainly looks bright.

Coming soon

As for future Textile happenings… the next big pieces we’re working on are decentralized identity and photo backup. Those of you who tried out early versions of the app may remember that photos back-up was available through remote IPFS nodes. That feature is coming back finally and in a much more useful and sustainable way. You can follow the app ticket over on GitHub to see our progress. The TL;DR on that feature is that you’ll be able to customize whether you backup your photos locally, remotely, or both, plus some other nice tweaks to fully customize how your photos are stored longer-term.

You may already have seen some of our identity work in the Textile Photos app (sweet IPNS based avatars for example), but our current work is going to make this even more slick. By allow private key holders (you) to generate profiles that you can control, update, and even share (even outside of Textile) we can further our decentralized mobile mission. We’ll be sharing more about this on our blog soon, or you can follow the ticket here. This will be a big win for Textile users specifically, and decentralized mobile web users more broadly, and we can’t wait to make this available to app developers to start building on.

And now you’re up to date. If you’re excited about Textile — or just want to learn more about our apps, ideas, and vision for the future — feel free to reach out on Slack, or share your thoughts on Twitter. If you’re a fellow decentralized web developer, let us know what cool distributed web projects you’re working on — we’d love to hear about it, and maybe discuss partnerships! In the mean time, sign up for our waitlist to get earlier access to Textile Photos, or our mailing list to get updates about new features and progress.

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