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Decentralizing object storage and data availability through scalable Filecoin subnets

We're thrilled to introduce Basin, our groundbreaking solution for high-throughput, decentralized data storage. Today, we're launching a private beta for large-scale data-producing protocols and applications. This is your chance to experience cutting-edge decentralized application development using Basin’s simple object storage (S3 compatible) protocol, powered by the Filecoin network.

What is Basin?

Basin is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional cloud storage, providing a scalable, secure, and verifiable data management solution. Leveraging Interplanetary Consensus, Basin can help protocols manage their data at internet speed. It offers an S3-compatible object store backed by a scalable consensus protocol. Basin ensures data availability and scalability through its subnet architecture, offering high-throughput storage atop Filecoin’s exabytes of storage capacity.

Why Filecoin?

We chose Filecoin as the backbone for Basin because of its unmatched decentralized storage capacity. This massive capacity allows Basin to offer persistent data availability and verifiable integrity across a decentralized network. Moreover, Basin benefits Filecoin by providing a high-throughput data lifecycle management tool that streamlines the onboarding and utilization of large-scale data, enhancing the overall network.

Why Basin?

Much like a basin that collects and channels water, our platform aggregates, secures, and optimizes data flow. Basin was created to meet the critical needs of transparency, security, and efficiency, supporting applications such as AI/ML, decentralized compute, and DePINs. With Basin, your data remains tamper-proof and authentic, fostering trust and transparency.

Core Features

  • Data Availability at Internet Speed: Our high-throughput, S3-compatible architecture ensures your data is always accessible with cryptographic proofs.

  • Verifiable Data for Trust: Basin provides cryptographic security guarantees, ensuring your data remains tamper-proof and authentic.

Real-World Use Cases

Basin is designed for protocols and autonomous agents that require reliable storage capacity on demand for varying time frames. Built on crypto primitives, it can be programmed and paid for seamlessly without lock-in, long-term plans, or centralized accounts. As part of our private testnet, we’re working with a select set of partners and customers including WeatherXM and IoTex to build POCs that showcase how Basin unlocks real-world value.

WeatherXM is currently using Basin to move toward fully decentralized infrastructure, prioritizing transparency and open data availability for the data coming from their network of weather stations. Basin facilitates data collaboration by combining high throughput, temporary data availability with long-term archiving to Filecoin, allowing contributors to build on top of device data, unlocking value and monetization opportunities for their network. Basin could also be used to enable verifiability, signing data at the source, and ensuring all data is cryptographically provable. This decentralized framework ensures transparency in rewards calculations, offering confidence to network participants.

To add automation to transparent rewards flows, we’ve been working closely with IoTex via their W3bstream solution. W3bstream is a compute protocol built for DePINs that allows for off-chain, verifiable computing on data (with zero knowledge proofs) and smart contract triggers to facilitate circular token economies. Basin acts as a high throughput data availability option for W3bstream, allowing protocols to send data to Basin’s hot cache layer for compute via W3bstream before generating a proof. This unlocks a transparent and programmatic rewards structure that can be used by any protocol. To get updates on our upcoming POC, subscribe to our blog here.

Easy-to-use data infrastructure

While our full suite of features will roll out throughout 2024, you can sign-up to start using Basin today. Here’s what it looks like to store data on the network :

# Create an object store (i.e., a smart contract-based data container)
> basin objectstore create

  "address": "t2weumc7otsi3kniwjgy2xnemws5jpi3vmbnxg4fa",
  "tx": {
    "gas_used": 15004808,
    "hash": "3999595D0F74F912323F0F545204BE9D0605CE741275120E553FA395E64DA48D",
    "height": "358550"

# Add an object to the store (sends an onchain tx)
> echo '{"hello":"world"}' | basin objectstore add \
--address t2weumc7otsi3kniwjgy2xnemws5jpi3vmbnxg4fa \
--key "my/object"

  "status": "committed",
  "hash": "48BD1767DC5739C1EABB25FBC8E6718E3E8DE95FB7EE74D13895F2E9D9F5E00A",
  "height": "358569",
  "gas_used": 4784697,
  "data": "bafy2bzacebnjpu5e3ushfu2weqvmtvk7vnndg4fkqsbr4zub52cyekcix7l4o"

# Get an object from the network (resolved after tx is committed onchain)
> basin objectstore get \
--address t2weumc7otsi3kniwjgy2xnemws5jpi3vmbnxg4fa \


Here is a brief overview of the technical arcitecture:

Join the Basin Beta

We invite you to partner with us in building the future of data. If you’re interested in using Basin, fill out this form to get access to our private testnet or to talk to a member of our team about collaboration opportunities.

Stay updated as Basin powers the next wave of decentralized innovation. Join us, grow with us, and reshape the data landscape.

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