Introducing the Filecoin Miner Index and Calculator

filecoin Mar 08, 2021
View the full slide presentation here.

We are excited to share the latest update to the Textile Miner Index and discovery tools. Among Filecoin network clients, we often heard that identifying miners on the network was too tricky. Today's release of the Miner Index should dramatically reduce the time it takes clients to find good miners for their data. We are releasing the index as an open-source tool available in our CLI and as an open REST API endpoint.

Unlike existing network monitoring tools for Filecoin, the Miner Index pulls together real-time deal-making data from on-chain and off to get a sense of which miners are taking online deals from the network. The index API allows clients to find miners by price, observed successful deals, speed from our North American nodes, and more.

The project is part of our continued work to make the network a powerful data storage engine for any project worldwide. Enjoy some of the highlights below, or check out the full presentation.

  1. Full presentation and overview.
  2. CLI installation.
  3. Swagger API docs.
  4. Powergate release.
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