Learn more about Threads and the Powergate from the IPFS Pinning Summit.

developers May 15, 2020

Last week we were part of the first-ever IPFS Pinning Summit, an event to bring together many IPFS infrastructure projects and their users. At the event, we were able to present two technologies we think could be useful to extend and integrate IPFS into more projects. Find the recorded presentations and a few notes below.

Read the recap on the IPFS Blog here.

Into the Powergate

The Powergate provides a multi-tiered storage API built on Filecoin and IPFS. It's designed for system operators and their users to leverage persistence on Filecoin and availability on IPFS.


  • Get a high-level overview of how the Powergate fits into the Filecoin and IPFS networks.
  • Get a detailed overview of system components.
  • Get a technical demo and walk-through of the APIs as available in the command-line interface.

Source code: powergate repo

Advanced Pinning Structures - Serving Threads and Buckets at Textile


  • What is the Threads Protocol and Database?
  • An overview of the P2P and Service-based design of Threads.
  • A look at the easy-to-use db interface.
  • A walk-through of the Threads encryption protocol.
  • A look at Buckets, folder/file pinning, and management over Threads.
  • A look at the Hub, our hosted access point for Thread/Bucket storage, and relay.

Documentation: docs.textile.io


Still here? Cool! We have some other fun things we can share while you are still reading.

We launched the Hub! In case you missed it, catch up on that free service here.

Carson Farmer shared his thoughts on the future of data on the web and why IPFS will play a critical role in that future. Read it here.

And finally, we want to leave you with this tweet stream, which hit at the heart of everything we've been building. Be sure to read the whole thread as it explains some of the nuances that we think is important to get this right for a better Internet and better products for all (unrolled link).

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