OMGoodness it’s May! Here’s the Textile April update.

community May 13, 2019

We’ve fallen a couple of weeks behind in our monthly update but wanted to fire this off to ensure we don’t lose the cadence completely. April was a very busy month of building and growing. Here’s a rundown of some cool things that happened.

Community growth!

Our developer Slack channel has become a busy, busy place. With a few hundred developers regularly commenting, sharing, and building projects on and around the Textile stack. We’ve got team coordination tools, health data & communication tools, productivity tools and more being built in the open on our channel. It’s awesome.

4,000 Number of messages sent by developers on Slack in April

There were a few open source contributors, thanks to all of you! We want to highlight one contributor each month though, and so we’re throwing out a special thank you to JustMaier for his thorough and helpful read through of out documentation + multiple pull-requests to make it better. Thanks!

Also, a big thanks for the team at Epona for organizing and including Textile in the SF IPFS Hack & Meetup, awesome!

Technology growth!

Bits are flying at Textile. April saw an incredible number of commits and releases of our core, go-textile library. When go-textile gets updates, so to do our mobile frameworks, react native library, and JavaScript library. Phew… it was a fast month.

We are particularly proud of landing the pre-release of the JS HTTP Client, which you’ll hear more about on our blog this week ;).

500 Number of downloads of our JS HTTP Client pre-release in April.

The IPFS team keeps adding more and more greatness to every go-ipfs release. We’ve been doing our best to stay up with the latest, so go-textile is now running 0.4.20!

Team growth!

We were pretty excited to add Thomas, Textile’s first engineering intern!

Say hi to Thomas and the rest of the Textile team on our developer Slack, or find us hanging out at one of these upcoming events!

Data Terra Nemo


Commit Porto '19 :: June 22th

IPFS Camp, June 27-30 2019 🏕

🌈 🦄 🐬 🚗 🐛 🍎 👪 🏄‍♀ 🙀 📞 🍩


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