RTrade Technologies partners with Textile to make it easier for teams to deploy cafes.

cafes Sep 04, 2019

Today we're excited to introduce RTrade Technologies, our latest partner to run cafes on the Textile network. RTrade has been an innovator in the IPFS space since their inception and has delivered products like Temporal, a platform to scale infrastructure. We believe that RTrade can help drive new Cafe use-cases from enterprise partners and will contribute new insights into scaling Cafes to the next level.

A quick overview of Textile cafes

At Textile, we want to enable new forms of web applications built on IPFS, where users own and have control of their data. Technologies like threads and cafes are fundamental to our vision of a user-owned network of private data where any developer can build and run applications that serve those users. Threads are Textile's innovative database and data synchronization protocol. Cafes are trustless infrastructure that can expose services like storage to end-users and applications.

Cafes run IPFS peers but are optimized for server-based environments and are designed to support and enhance the use of Textile's threads. Cafes drive services for end-user applications such as Textile Photos, where cafes provide long-term storage, message caching, decryption services, and much more.

Together, threads and cafes can replace the centralized, REST API centric web we build on today.

Introducing Temporal

Temporal provides infrastructure to leading Web 3.0 development teams. Allowing those teams to build, manage, and deploy apps and DApps quickly. For enterprise teams, Temporal offers turn-key solutions to start leveraging IPFS and related technologies in production scale applications. These easy-to-use, quick to enable building blocks are essential for bringing more projects to the ecosystem.

As we move forward with our vision of a decentralized network of services and operators, we think RTrade can help deliver critical infrastructure and be the creator of new services that all apps and services using cafes can benefit from.  We are excited to see how RTrade builds and extends cafes for more enterprise use-cases.

If you want to test out Temporal or Textile cafes hosted in Temporal, we've added a instructions to our cafe documentation to use their development server while building and testing your apps.

Onward, to the distributed future!

RTrade's cafe support is an exciting step toward greater adoption of open, decentralized systems.

Join Temporal’s online community on Twitter, Telegram or visit their company website for more information. Or, you can catch RTrade next week at EthBoston!

To learn more about Textile’s latest developments, visit our website or join us on our community Slack channel or Twitter.