Textile Notes: A minimalist tool for your creative ideas

apps Mar 18, 2019

When do you have your best ideas? For me, they usually come when I’m walking, half way between origin and destination. Other times, they pop out of adjacent conversations over a coffee or beer. When they come, they are a mix of solutions to problems I’m actively working on and solutions to problems I wasn’t totally aware needed addressing. That’s why I’ve always liked a simple note taking tool that makes it easy for me to capture that idea and put the tool away.

Today, we are releasing Textile Notes, a simple note taking app built to serve those moments. Textile Notes delivers a simplistic interface to type a note and then swipe it to send the note to your inbox. Checkout Textile Notes on iOS and Android today.

If you were a fan of the Squarespace Note app, this may all sound familiar. That’s because we were also huge fans of that app, at least until it was discontinued. If you are like us and are still looking for something to fill the gap, give Textile Notes a spin.

Built with the Textile React Native SDK

Textile Notes was built with Textile’s React Native SDK. More specifically, it was based on the Advanced Boilerplate. Using the SDK and boilerplate meant this app went from idea to production in less than 24 hours (not counting app store review).

Why use the Textile SDK? First and foremost, the SDK gives Textile Notes an easy way to manage encrypted storage on device. Every note you take will be encrypted and stored in the secure, on-device wallet. That makes notes privately available only to the user. In addition, the Notes app will use Textile’s multi-device sync capability in the next release so users can install Notes on multiple devices and keep them synced securely over the decentralized IPFS network.

Textile Notes is open source, you can find the code on GitHub.

If you want to keep updated on this and other developments, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

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