The Textile Hub joins Filecoin Mainnet

Oct 16, 2020

There is over 500PiB of storage available on Filecoin Mainnet, and it's only 2 days old! We've been eagerly awaiting the launch of this network since the project was initially announced. Cryptographically verified storage on a decentralized network has the potential to help humanity store its critical data for years to come. The value of Filecoin will drive many innovations for data storage never before possible on the Internet.

At Textile, we believe Filecoin offers organizations a totally new way to think about data security. Already, the network can be used to augment and better secure data storage systems that often rely solely on single cloud providers. Additionally, it could offer organizations a more economic way to store critical datasets where cloud providers have proved too costly, too closed, or too restrictive. These values are already apparent in the network, and will soon be joined by innovative new ways to compute, retrieve, and share data stored on the network.

Textile Hub accounts now running on Mainnet

Today, we are excited to announce that the Textile Hub is running on Filecoin Mainnet! Mainnet support has been months in the works and results from many hours of engineering, testing, and developer feedback. In this first release, developers can access the Buckets APIs to store data on IPFS and persist snapshots of that data to Filecoin with a single command. You can create your first storage deal on Filecoin in as little as four commands!

The Filecoin enabled APIs are available in our developer CLI, our JavaScript client, and our Go client. Store as little as 64 MiB and as much as 4 GiB in a single deal. Learn how to use the system in the Bucket Archiving overview. The Textile Hub service is still beta, but Filecoin is real, so please use the Hub wisely. Also, share your feedback and experiences with us so we can continue to improve it before our own launch 😎.

The excitement is real. Filecoin has launched. It's time to save some data.

P.S. We're hiring.

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