ThreadDB for Javascript — Alpha Preview

community Nov 10, 2020

Textile is excited to be sharing an early look at a new approach to databases on the decentralized web. We're looking for adventurous decentralized web developers, teams, and/or projects interested in experimenting with us, as part of a early release of a new ThreadDB for Javascript library.

We'll include access to demos and code samples to get your dev juices flowing!

Are you interested in offline-first applications? What about a developer experience that makes user-centered data the easy default? Do you think it would be cool if you could have a MongoDB like experience in the browser, while also syncing data to the decentralized web? Us too! Join us to test out a first step towards an offline-first local database that syncs to the decentralized web.

Calling all hackers, tinkerers, builders, and experimenters. Sign up now to be part of Textile's early ThreadDB for Javascript Alpha Preview Program. In particular, we're looking for projects that are interested in testing things out, providing critical feedback, and working with us over the next few weeks. Here is a rough outline of the Alpha Preview Program schedule:

First week

  • Selected teams announced and invited to Alpha Preview Slack channel. We're looking for projects that are already underway with strong interest in a JavaScript database.
  • Textile to provide introductory material, including overview documentation, getting-started guides and videos, as well as an "advanced" React app template/demo.

Week two:

  • One group-based zoom call (or multiple calls if time-zones require it) to solicit initial feedback, answer questions, and set up more directed calls in the following week(s)
  • In the meantime, Alpha Preview members are invited to ask questions and engage with the Textile team and others in the Alpha Preview Slack channel

Week three:

  • One-on-one calls between Textile and the various Alpha Preview Teams to discuss feedback, wants/needs, bugs, features, etc. Also, an opportunity to discuss the specifics of a project, and for Textile team to provide further guidance best-practices

Week four:

  • One group-based zoom call (or multiple calls if time-zones require it) to solicit final feedback, answer questions, and setup the final feedback survey.
  • Invited teams to fill out the final feedback survey.
  • Also the option of recording some demos and developing showcases if participants are interested.

Week five:

  • Textile to release wrap-up blog post/case studies outlining the Alpha Preview Program, the projects that were included in the program, and any showcases/videos that were developed in the previous week.

If this sounds like fun (it will be!), please sign up here, and help us shape the future of ThreadDB for Javascript.

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