Weeknotes: 2023 Retrospective

A weekly digest of progress, updates, and insights from Tableland.

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The year of 2023 is in the books! There is a ton of work we’ve done to fine tune the Tableland protocol, support builders across events and hackathons, and quite a bit of research that we hope to share in the near future. Let’s dive into some of the highlights.

Protocol & product

There was quite a bit we accomplished with Tableland over the course of the year. Some of the highlights include the following:

  • Released new validator code with mainnet and testnet separation, along with a versioned REST API (vs. JSON-RPC), and zero downtime deployments.

  • Released an upgraded JavaScript SDK with Cloudflare D1 compatibility, and a number of new features throughout the year like table aliases and performance improvements.

  • Released new CLI with a local-first flow, shell support, ENS table namespaces.

  • Updated SQL specification to remove any non-deterministic SQLite, plus, new features like BLOCK_NUM and TXN_HASH functions—plus, local-first wasm based SQLite support.

  • Added new chain support for Filecoin and Arbitrum Nova.

  • Added Tableland smart contract features for better access control and new helpers.

  • Various DevOps activities, including a migration to a monorepo setup for our JS libraries.

With developer experience in mind, the Studio alpha release was also launched, with the intent to make it easier to get started developing and sharing projects across the network. We’ll be releasing a lot of great features in the Studio during 2024 that will make it even more useful, too.

We also released our initial MVP for Textile Basin—a protocol for novel caching and cold storage (through Filecoin deals). Development updates have been shared throughout this Weeknotes series, but some of the key milestones include:

  • Initial CLI release with Postgres database streaming.

  • Added support for Parquet file uploads

  • Added support for hot layer / cache with TTL

  • Exposed a new HTTP API for programmatic access.


On the research side, we started off the year with a team offsite in Lake Tahoe, where we put together a number of proof-of-concepts that have helped shape ensuing research such as inclusion proofs, serverless Tableland functions, and decentralized validator metrics collection. We also set down the path of writing a litepaper, and those learnings led to our initial MVP for the Textile Network / Basin. We’ll be sharing more about these learnings over the course of the coming months.


On the growth side of things, we launched our new docs site to make it easier to get started with Tableland. We also launched the Rigs Garage & Mission Board to give our community a home for their Rigs NFT and also complete missions for rewards. In terms of customers, our Basin MVP led to WeatherXM and DIMO helping us shape the future of the protocol and address a need for data availability in the DePIN sector.

Lastly, there were a number of hackathons we supported, inclusive of:

  • FVM Dataverse

  • HackFS

  • Open Data Hack

  • ETHOnline

  • Rebuild Ownership

As well as various events we attended or spoke at:

  • ETHDenver

  • Consensus

  • TOKEN2049

  • Devconnect / Lab Week

We want to thank everyone who has helped grow the Tableland ecosystem over the past year, and we look forward to building and sharing more in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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Want to dive deeper, ask questions, or just nerd out with us? Jump into our Telegram or Discord—including weekly research office hours or developer office hours. And if you’d like to discuss any of these topics in more detail, comment on the issue over in GitHub!

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