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Weeknotes: Base Sepolia goes live & EthCC Proof of Data event

Learn how to build on Base Sepolia with Tableland, and read up on our upcoming EthCC Proof of Data event

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Base Sepolia support is live

by Dan Buchholz

We've officially published a new version of our CLI and SDK, which includes Base Sepolia as a supported chain. You can read about the Base chain information on our docs site: here. All you really need to do is provide a chain RPC URL pointing to Base Sepolia—and also have testnet ETH in your wallet—and you're be good to go!

If you want to get started quickly, you can do this in the Studio. When you're ready to deploy a table, Base Sepolia is an option under the testnets section.

EthCC is coming...and so is Proof of Data

by Dan Buchholz

We'll be at EthCC in early July and present some talks about Basin and Tableland (see below). Earlier this year at ETHDenver, we cohosted the Proof of Data event, which was all about decentralized data. The second iteration of this event will be held on July 9th, and we'll have talks given by IoTeX, DIMO, WeatherXM, and Filecoin!

Sign up for the Proof of Data event in Brussels:

It's always great to meet up IRL, and we're also down to attend/cosponsor something else, too. We hope to have some new Basin-related POCs to share by then, and if that's something you're interested in working on, definitely reach out!

Fill out this quick form if you're interested in working with us!

IPFS Camp upcoming talk

by Jim Kosem

When you give a talk in front of a bunch of people you should probably have your facts straight. This is especially the case when you’re a designer giving a talk at a tech event, such as IPFS Camp in Brussels where I’ll be talking about Studio, which I’ve been working on for the majority of the past year.

The funny thing is as part of a design track, I just might be speaking to other designers who are also working on developer tools and the developer experience such as myself. This led me to reexamine what I’ve been designing for and what the developer experience is for, meaning data and databases. So I had to go back and review just what those things mean and what they mean for interfaces and interactions. When you get lost in the weeds as it were with an application you’ve been working on for a while, you often lose track of the basics of what you’re doing, why data, why tables, why ownership, so talking about a forcing function to reexamine the first principles of your work is usually not a bad thing.

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