$FIL 250 up for grabs with Filecoin Auctions

filecoin Nov 01, 2021

The current season of development at Textile ends in mid-November, and by that time we will have stored over 200 TiB and made over 5000 deals on the Filecoin network. Powering that throughput is a dedicated group of Filecoin Storage Providers that run bidbot to connect to the Auctions network. To celebrate those Providers, we are offering up some cold hard Filecoin as part of an end-of-season competition. Let's see who is providing the highest quality storage service! All Filecoin Storage Providers running bidbot can qualify, you just need to sign-up! To learn more and get involved, join our dedicated Discord channel.

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Yes, you'll win more than just bragging rights in this competition! The top ranking Storage Provider will win 125FIL (~$7500 as of writing), with the second and third spots pulling in 75FIL and 50FIL respectively. All for just two weeks of work 😜

How the competition works

  1. To qualify for the leaderboard and competition, a Storage Provider must store at least 1 TiB of data over the duration of the competition.
  2. The competition will reward the Storage Provider(s) with the highest deal success rate over two weeks. Ties will be settled based on GiBs stored. So keep those failure rates down, and the data flowing!
  3. The competition starts at 00:00 UTC on Monday, November 8th, 2021 and ends at 00:00 UTC on Monday, November 22nd, 2021.
  4. Reputation scoring is automatic. Storage Providers running bidbot and winning deal auctions increase their rank with each successful deal and decrease their rank whenever there is an error making a deal from an auction.
  5. Reputation scores are calculated over a two-week window, so the final ranking will only count auctions won during the competition week. A storage providers percent success will become points (e.g. 90% success will become 90 points) and the highest points wins.
  6. Storage Providers are encouraged to tune their bidbot configurations to ensure minimal errors during the competition. For technical help, Storage Providers are encouraged to join the competition channel on Discord.
  7. We will provide a real-time public leaderboard at the start of the competition, which you will have access to via Discord.

Bonus points

Storage providers will be eligible for bonus points by regularly winning auctions. The two-week competition is divided into 2-hour windows (168 total). A storage provider will receive 0.05 bonus points per window where they make a winning bid. A total of 8.4 points per storage provider is up for grabs!

Bonus points are added to a storage provider's win points before the competition's final ranking.

Other considerations

You'll need to be running bitbot to win. If you aren't already running bidbot, get on it! It's easy to get started! You have one week+ to tune your --running-bytes-limit and ---sealing-sectors-limit to assure 100% success.

In order to claim a prize, all participating Storage Providers will have to register online. Sorry, signup is closed... You'll need to provide:

  • Name of individual or organization
  • Name of participating representative
  • Email address
  • Geographic location
  • Wallet address (for prize payout)
  • Provider addresses List all addresses of all Storage Providers you are entering. If running multiple Providers, only the best (in terms of ranking) Storage Provider can win, though all will be included in the leaderboard and considered in the competition.

Good luck to all participants, and may the best Storage Provider win!

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