Announcing the winners of the 2021 Filecoin Auction Challenge

Dec 08, 2021

Summary: 90TiB stored over the two week Filecoin auction challenge. Nearly 10TiB stored by a single storage provider.

As the Filecoin network celebrated its one-year anniversary, we wondered how much data we could store in a short amount of time. To put storage providers to test, we designed the Filecoin Auction Challenge to test their throughput and efficiency over a two-week period. The challenge has now ended and the results point to some exciting potential on the network and some excellent storage providers making it happen. Here are the results.

Lead changes over the second week of competition.

Grand Prize

f01208862 stored nearly 10 TiB (9500 GiB) in two weeks from our requests and never had a single error along the way. We see errors such as client-to-provider network connectivity pop up on the network, but this provider managed to store every deal without a single mistake. Amazingly, this storage provider ran another two storage endpoints that ranked in the top five at the end! What's important to note is that providers such as f01208862 weren't only storing data from our client but were working to store data from the rest of the network at the same time. Great work!

Second & Third

f022142 secured second place by storing nearly 7 TiB (6900 GiB) over the two week competition. Finally, f010088 rounded out our top three by storing 2.4 TiB (2400 GiB) during the challenge. Congratulations to both of those providers!

All Results

We had 25 storage providers register for the challenge. Many of them were running multiple storage endpoints. Collectively they stored 90TiB over two weeks! All data is stored using 1.5-year deals and with redundancy. To put that in perspective, storing the same data for the same duration on S3 would cost $33,775.

Huzzah, thanks to all the storage providers for their hard work making this network run! We'd also like to specifically thank all the providers who didn't win, they still stored a huge portion of the deals and we couldn't have done it without them. We look forward to more collaborations with you all!

If you have data and would like to get involved storing it on the network, get in touch! We'd love to help.

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