Filecoin tools progress update: 13 January


A sprint in the trenches, we focused on building out the mvp for a reputation index, uncovered a few requirements needed from lotus, had a number of good conversations with lotus team and others to clarify some uncertainties, and started building out interfaces (CLI) to some of the modules.


Outstanding Questions


Sprint progress

Focus Areas

  • MVP of Reputations Index
  • Preliminary designs of Filecoin command-line CLI
  • Wallet/address management tooling

Tickets Opened

  • No major tickets

Tickets or PRs Closed

  • org: we published the main fil-tools development repo
  • lotus: improvement to calculate across arbitrary forks in lotus (pr)
  • go-hamt-ipld : performance improvement  (pr/pending)
  • reputation index and module (pr)
  • module to manage multiple wallet addresses in same node (pr)

Highlight of Challenges

  • Most of retrieval and storage markets implementation is still in progress, and seems to be implemented in the next 2 weeks to be merged in Lotus. Consequences of this are:
  • Some things in what we have implemented in the Deal Module will have changes.
  • The Retrieval  Module can’t be done yet since not much this exist in code.
  • New added features may need to create some further PRs in Lotus as we’ve been doing if we consider that should be available for clients.
  • Considering that most of storage and retrieval market code is under heavy development, a classical Deal→Retrieve flow can’t be done on testnet yet. Similar thing happen with Reputation information but that seems to be more solid since involves only reading on-chain information, and not communicating with real storage or retrieval miners. We’ll try to explore making a private testnet (but we can’t simulate having tens of miners to consider that realistic).

Major Revisions to Plan


Next steps

  • Develop and share lotus backup feed to community
  • Manage chain reorgs in core modules (related to pr)
  • Preliminary design of Repair Module
  • Next iteration of Reputation Index (persist state, publish feed)
  • CLI for Reputation
  • CLI for Deals/Wallet
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