Prepare to launch: easy access to Filecoin with free Powergate instances

Aug 27, 2020

The launch of Filecoin Mainnet is one of the most anticipated blockchain events right now. Adding to the excitement, HackFS showed how many amazing projects could already be designed and tested in the system. And now, Space Race is demonstrating the potential storage market growth we are going to see early in the network's life. If you are interested in learning more about how to use Filecoin to add storage capacity, security, or heterogeneity to your system, there is no better time than now. We're here to help.

Click here to sign up for access to hosted Powergate & Filecoin Lotus nodes

Free access to hosted Powergate instances

Textile has been building and improving the Powergate stack to provide a flexible and reliable storage API to integrate into existing systems. Powergate integrates Lotus, IPFS, and custom components that simplify long-term storage deal creation, management, and retrieval. Powergate is free, open-source, and can be run by anyone, anywhere. As a result, we've seen an awesome first wave of projects adopting and building on Powergate, including Truffle, OrbitDB, and OB1 to name a few.

At the same time, we've been improving our ability to deliver on-demand Powergate instances to developer teams looking to build on Filecoin without managing new infrastructure. To date, we've onboarded 20 teams to hosted Powergate environments. Now, we are ready to expand that program to everyone. Throughout the rest of Testnet, we are offering free access to dedicated Powergate instances to any teams with Filecoin integration plans. Those instances include the Powergate API, CLI, and JavaScript tools and fully synced Lotus node and IPFS node. If interested, use this link to request your Powergate instance today.

Filecoin on the Textile Hub

We are continuing our progress on the Textile Hub's adoption of Filecoin storage. The Hub is now running connected to Powergate and the latest Filecoin network. Hub users can begin to experiment with Filecoin directly in their apps connected to the Hub. The typical workflow uses Textile Buckets to generate live data and then archive those Buckets to Filecoin for long-term storage. In our upcoming release, we will expand on the available APIs to give app developers greater control over storage deal configurations and access to Filecoin network and system-wide stats, events, and more.

We aim to make the Hub the easiest way to integrate Filecoin into applications from day-one of Mainnet. If you haven't already, check out our Docs to learn more and get building.

Learn more

We are always available to help you learn more about the Filecoin project and how your project might benefit from the network. If you are interested, feel free to join our community Slack or set up some time to chat.

P.S. We're hiring!

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