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Weeknotes: Basin launch, IoTeX + Risc0 + WeatherXM POC, & upcoming hackathons

Basin launch as a Filecoin L2, a review of a Basin POC for verifiable rewards, and updates on new hackathons coming up.

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Basin launch

by Dan Buchholz

ICYMI—we officially announced the newest iteration of Basin. Our initial MVP was centered around pushing arbitrary data to "vaults" with writer access controls, a hot layer for immediate access, and archival to Filecoin. The new Basin takes learnings from this and simplifies it to a Filecoin data L2 with object storage. There's a lot more to it, and we've written a detailed blog about it and have a new landing page with more information.

If onchain object storage (think: S3, but decentralized) is something you're interested in, fill out the form on the site or hop into our Discord!

Check out the blog here and our new website:

Basin POC with IoTeX, WeatherXM, Risc0, & Filecoin

by Dan Buchholz

We wrapped up a proof of concept with IoTeX, WeatherXM, Risc0, & Filecoin to show how a decentralized system can enable transparent contributor token reward calculations. The main premise is that it's a permissionless workflow where no central entity is managing the rewards distribution, rather, it could be automated with networks performing each step.

As WeatherXM pushes data to Basin, IoTeX's W3bstream runs Quality of Data (QoD) calculations over it and leverages Risc0 zk proofs for data validity. Lastly, as new QoD scores are calculated they are also written to Basin and later archived to Filecoin for long-term data availability and dispute resolution.

You can read the detailed blog post: here

Backdrop hackathon v5

by Dan Buchholz

We've been supporting the Backdrop program for their v3 and v4 cohorts, and we'll also support the next few cohorts, too. Backdrop is a mini-accelerator / hackathon that supports hackers in a 4-week buildout and helps connect them with potential grants and funding across web3, AI, OSS, and more.

The v5 cohort kicks off in July. Now, that the Basin alpha is live, we'll support Backdrop through additional bounties that focus on Basin usage in addition to Tableland. There will probably be a couple of new Basin features by then that'll make it even easier to switch over to Basin from "traditional" object storage providers, so keep an eye out for that.

If you're interested in applying, head over to the Backdrop website:

Further reading

  • In Looking for AI use-cases, Ben Evans questions the wide base use cases for LLMs. He sweeps wide, wondering what is there for everyone, when will this supposed generalized application happen, and how.

  • For the encryption folks, there are a few interesting resources on different approaches in a web3 native setting. We might also write a deep dive blog post on these and related themes in the coming weeks.

    • Threshold proxy re-encryption is a novel encryption mechanism that distributes re-encryption keys across a network, and once a threshold is met, it can give decryption access to a criteria-fulfilling party.

    • Fully homomorphic encryption lets an entity compute over encrypted data without ever decrypting it. It lets you make arbitrary computations and extends the feature set of previous iterations—but a simple example would be to “add 1 to this encrypted data,” and after performing the calculation, only the original encryptor can see the result.

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