New tools and a new look for

business Jul 30, 2019

It's been a busy month here at Textile. Lots of releases, updates, and announcements that we'll recap for you here shortly. But today, I wanted to share another bit of work we've been doing, getting our websites in order. Here what we've done.

Discourse: a new home for Textile discussions and questions

We wanted a better way to capture long-term knowledge from our team and the community. To date, we've been operating in primarily two channels, our Developer Slack and Team Github. Both have their purpose, but neither was optimal for building a body of knowledge along with our community.

To solve those needs, we've launched, our private Discourse forum. If you've got a question or idea about Textile that you've been waiting to share, you now have a place to do it.

Ghost: an independently hosted Textile blog

Medium has a lot of benefits for an early startup, but it's been on our TODO list for a while to move the blog to the Textile domain. We've just completed that migration, using Azure and a custom Ghost installation. I'd share a link, but if you're reading this, you already found it!

Has anyone built an IPFS adapter for the ghost-base-storage plugin yet? a fresh new design

The new website is live! We've been working with some wonderful folks at Creathive to build on our aesthetic and extend our brand. We're super excited to share the first release. We have more changes in store, so it'll be cool to share each of those as they are finished.

Leave us a comment below (now hosted on our discourse forum!) if you have any feedback.

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