Filecoin Powergate progress update for June 2

filecoin Jun 02, 2020

Today, we are excited to release the first version of the Powergate documentation. In this release, you can already find a helpful project map to point you toward the key building blocks, an introduction to using the Devnet with the Powergate or to power a standalone Lotus client, store your first data, and more. We hope that by making the Powergate accessible and easy to use by all projects we can help more projects adopt Filecoin. With that in mind, we'll continue to improve the documentation and add new ways you can test and use the Powergate. Until then, let's take a look at what we've been up to since our last community update.

What is the Powergate?

As a refresher, or if you are new to the Powergate community updates, here's the simplest way to think about the Powergate: An API driven solution to deploy multi-tiered storage based on IPFS and Filecoin into systems and applications. Persist data on Filecoin, ensure availability on IPFS, manage one or many Filecoin addresses with access control, use multiple supported clients and libraries, and more! As mentioned above, you can read all about it in the docs :)

Next Steps 🍿

Sprint Debrief

Focus Areas 📐

  • Running Powergate in production environments.
  • Running Powergate on production Filecoin Testnet and creating first deals with miners.
  • Improving and enhancing the embedded Filecoin Devnet (e.g. increased upper-bound of file storage).
  • Releasing the Javascript Powergate Client.

Discussion & Planning Changes 🤔

  • We've (temporarily) deprecated the lotus-archives. We did this because during development, we were proactively moving to staged networks, resetting our own nodes, and causing other interuptions and noise that would have made the archive usability unpredictable. If you were using the archives and still need it, please get in touch so we can assign the right priority to maintaining that service.

Closed 💎

Given that we're behind on our community updates, here's a round-up of some of the more interesting tickets closed.

We had a number of contributions back to Filecoin core projects, here are some of the more interesting ones.

New Tickets & Questions 👀


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