Publishing IPFS and IPNS links from React Native using Textile Buckets

developers May 18, 2020

If you've followed Textile long, you'll know we have a soft spot for IPFS (the decentralized data protocol) in mobile applications. After all our recent releases of ThreadDB, Buckets, and the Hub, we are ready to show you how your mobile app can now make use of Buckets for persisting data on IPFS. This new feature allows React Native apps to mange local directories of data while persisting them on remote peers. Buckets come packed with more than just IPFS, you'll also get HTTP endpoints, IPNS publishing (IPFS's solution for creating and updating mutable links to IPFS content), and more.

Check it out!

In the video above, I demo a simple React Native app running on Android that allows the user to author an index.html file right on the device and push it to IPFS and IPNS. Let's walk through the steps to add Textile Buckets to your own app. You can find the example application on GitHub and read the React Native tutorial on our docs site.

Unstoppable Storage & Network

If you haven't been using IPNS in your app, the IPFS 0.5.0 release brought important enhancements to the protocol. Through Threads, Buckets, and the Hub, we are providing you, the developer, a simple way to pass on the features of IPFS to your users. How does it work? The details are in our docs, but in short, when one of your users creates a Bucket, it will automatically generate a new IPNS address and the data will be persisted (pinned) on the Hub. You can view that IPNS address live on the Hub's HTTP gateway, through any other IPNS supporting gateway, or even over an IPFS node directly!

Get Started

We have a full tutorial to get you going with Buckets in React Native. Intrigued? Learn more on our docs pages, ping us on Slack, or just start building and let us know about it!

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