Textile Update | New video with Chinese subtitles & other news

business Sep 05, 2018

Firstly, thanks to the IPFS.Fund community, we have Chinese subtitles for our most recent presentation on Textile and Tetxile Photos:

The presentation was shown live at the “AI and IPFS Summit” in Shenzhen, China. Here’s a link to the original article on IPFSFirst.com (WeChat Search: IPFS-FIRST) where the video has been made available to the community. There’s also a video on Textile outreach activities at that link that has also had the subtitle treatment. For those who don’t read/speak Chinese, Google Translate seems to work pretty good for on-the-fly translation.

Secondly, the fine folks at IPFS.Fund have also started to translate some of Textile’s previous blog posts and tutorials. Last week’s post on what’s really happening when you add a file to IPFS has been translated and made available via the IPFS.Fund Official WeChat Account. We’re looking forward to additional collaborations, and maybe even a translated version of our Textile Build Developer Training Materials

Speaking of collaborations, IPFSFirst.com has recently launched a new “Pioneer Dialogue” (先锋对话) interview series that aims to discuss ideas and concepts with folks from industry working with IPFS and other decentralized tools/platforms. Textile was recently featured, and we’ll be posting the interview and its Chinese translation early next week… so stay tuned!

And that’s your update for the week. You’re now pretty much caught up... Stay tuned for next week, where we’ll release a new tutorial, some more Textile Photos news, and much, much more! In the mean time, why not check out some of our other stories, or sign up for our Textile Photos waitlist (or mailing list) to get in line for the latest and greatest updates. While you’re at it, drop us a line and tell us what cool distributed web projects you’re working on — we’d love to hear about it!

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